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Creative Features

We annotate & label data for machine learning and deep learning. We process language & moderate text. We develop AI training data for computer vision systems..

Our Mission

To impart quality and value based education and contribute towards the innovation of computing, expert system, Data Science to raise satisfaction level of all stakeholders.

Our Vision

To Achieve excellent standards of quality-education by using the latest tools, nurturing collaborative culture and disseminating customer oriented innovations to relevant areas of academia and industry towards serving the greater cause of society

Our Values

We recognize the challenging ethical issues involved in a society pervaded by AI applications. We must maintain the highest standards of ethical behavior with a deep respect for human and civil rights.

Our Impact

Besides the development of common projects involving the academia and productive sector, Brainwave is to promote the training and education, in different levels, with a special attention towards the students. We will also provide the necessary means for the researchers to create spinoffs based on the intellectual property they generate.

We present you Ocean of New Opportunities For your Exponential Growth

Keep building. Keep growing. Keep learning. Technology is rapidly growing, and so can you. Maximize your time with learning that fits into the cracks of your calendar, and with skills that can be applied directly to the projects in front of you.

Artificial Intelligence

Data Analytics

Machine and Deep Learning

Blockchain Technologies

Cloud Computing


IT Services

Excel In Your Career Growth By Mastering Emerging Technologies

Technology Training

We provide artificial intelligence consulting to help organizations implement this technology today.We use machine learning tools and algorithms to help companies develop AI-driven products and solutions.

Web Development

Learn how to use PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript frameworks to build robust websites and applications, complete with ecommerce, database integration, and forms. Master the Fundamentals of web development, web programming, and database management from scratch.

Industrial/Corporate Training

Brainwave offers 2/3/6 months live Project based industrial training in Machine Learning,Deep Learning,Analytics, R, Java, Python/Go,Blockchain technologies for MCA/BCA/BE/B.Tech/MSc Students & Professionals..

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a method of computing in which a shared group of resources — such as file storage, web servers, data processing services, and applications — are accessed via the internet. These resources are housed in data centers around the world and are available to any person or device connected to the web. You can take cloud computing courses—get started today.


Gain a comprehensive understanding of the full potential of blockchain technology and. Learn how smart enterprises are using blockchain to unlock new business opportunities.

Software Development/Research

Software development is what brainwave professionally does for the last 22+ years. We are experts in rapid custom development of web-based applications designed to meet your organization's specific needs.

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Web Development, Software Development, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, BlockChain, Internet of Things, Research Work, LAMP Technologies, Summer/Industrial /Corporate Training, Cloud Computing,BigData, Data Science.

AI/ML Professional

Join this intensive professional certificate in ML and AI from BRAINWAVE to gain hands-on skills in this high-demand field.

Data Scinence professional

Learn key data science essentials, including Python/R and machine learning, through real-world case studies to jumpstart your career as a data scientist.

Data Analytics

We provide end-to-end assistance, from learning basic analytical tools to further support in building a career..

Machine Learning Internship

This Machine Learning Internship is a great way for you to start your data science career. It is designed to, both, test your knowledge and to give you the feel and experience of a real-world data science problem.

Why Choose Us

We are the trend setters in IT training and known for the result oriented approach. We are completely focused on the quality of training and building innovative approach in our students.

Best Quality Training

We are constantly exploring new fields of knowledge as well as new training methodologies

Data Management

We are passionate about delivering the technology in a right way to the professionals, students and corporate to help them achieve excellence.

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Trusted by Thousand of Students and Corporate

Choice of domain specific Projects

State of the art curriculum with newest industry practices focused on candidate's continued professional growth



Brainwave is known for it's industry standard, best quality training. Our innovative training methodologies help students build a strong technical base and secure a great career!


We began our journey in the year 1993. In this long time span, we have gained a tremendous experience in the field of programming and training . We have created a proper course structure & duration to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the courses that we offer. We provide high quality training to individual and corporate customer.Our course curriculum is prepared by industry experts who have more than 25 years work experience in the field.

Technology Matrix

Get the skills. Be the change..

BRAINWAVE’s training programs facilitate the career development of fresher and experienced to promote their mobility in dynamic IT industry. Web Technologies HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, JSON, XML,C,C++, Python ,R ,Java,,PHP, MEAN Stack , Cloud Computing, Hadoop ,Big Data, Data Science, AI,Machine Learning, Deep Learning,Analytics, Business Analytics, Blockchain, IOT, MongoDB, MySQL

Master The Most In-Demand Skill's Of 21st Century

Machine-Learning/AI is the newest most exciting sub-field of computer science that is used today to recommend movies and music based on previous selections, to allow a Tesla to self-drive and steer you home autonomously, and to allow an iRobot vacuum cleaner to self-map your home for future precise cleaning. This Introduction to Python for Machine-Learning/AI course prepares students to learn the Python programming language from scratch, also includes an overview of data science and machine-learning/AI using Python.

In God we trust; all others must bring data

Data scientists are analytical experts who extract meaning from and interpret data to solve complex problems. They use industry knowledge, contextual understanding, and skepticism of existing assumptions to uncover solutions to business challenges. A data scientist’s role combines computer science, statistics, and mathematics to collect and organize data from many different data sources, translate results into actionable plans, and communicate their findings to their organizations.

Blockchain and distributed ledger technology

Blockchain technology has the potential to fundamentally change the way business is conducted, and to transform the foundations of our economic and social systems. Despite its far-reaching potential, there remains a level of uncertainty around blockchain technology and the breadth of its application as an economic catalyst. This program draws on economic theory to offer participants a deep and practical understanding of blockchain technology, and to effectively demonstrate its meaningful capacity for innovation and efficiency in business.