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Podcasting is the act of writing, creating, and publishing audio-based content. Podcasts are typically released as a series of episodes that listeners may download or stream on their mobile devices or computers.


The word “podcast” comes from the first portable, DIGITAL music device, known as the iPod. In fact, it's a combination of "iPod" and "broadcast Podcasts provide a simple and effective method of communicating to thousands of people who are either visiting your website or are visiting dedicated podcasting sites

Why Podcast

One of the most revolutionary and profound aspects of podcasting is its populist nature: anybody can make one. You do need a little bit of equipment, but it’s pretty affordable to get started. Once you create your production, there are no program directors or distributors barring your way, you can upload your creation to the Internet, and anyone with a computer or smartphone can hear it, anywhere in the world.

Podcasting is great. Total freedom.

Podcasts have become an essential part of popular culture for millions of listeners. They provide a new way to absorb information that once might have been read in newspapers, books, or magazines or heard over the radio. Podcasting is hailed for its intimacy and authenticity in an age of mistrust and disinformation. But while it is relatively easy to make a podcast, it is much harder to make a great one.

Making Peace With The Feast Or Famine Of Freelancing

“A podcast gives you an arena to show your expertise and passion for your niche. Your enthusiasm and speaking prowess also adds an authoritative air to the topic, something that the written word cannot express. And coming out with regular podcasts that have sound information and good ideas helps establish you and your brand as market leaders.”