The idea behind the seminar is to familiarize students more extensively with the methodology of their chosen training or course and also to allow them to interact with examples of the practical problems that always crop up during their work. It is essentially a place where assigned training and readings are discussed, questions raised and debates conducted.

Practical ,Real-world Training for IT Professional

Data Science & AI Solutions..

We use machine learning tools and algorithms to help companies develop AI-driven products and solutions. Our team has profound knowledge and experience in designing, implementing and integrating Artificial Intelligence solutions within the customer’s business environment.

Explore interesting, innovative as well as easy Machine Learning Projects.

In this current technology-driven world, machine learning is a prominent area which makes our machine or electronic device intelligent. The purpose of this field is to transform a simple machine into a machine with the mind. Here, we explore machine learning and artificial intelligence projects to boost your interest. Because, these AI projects are so competitive, tricky, and interesting to develop,these projects are the best place to invest your time and skill.

  • Sound Classification using Deep Learning
  • Iris Flowers Classification ML Project
  • Stock Prices Predictor
  • Recommender Systems with Movielens Dataset
  • BigMart Sales Prediction ML Project –
  • Social Media Sentiment Analysis using Twitter Dataset
  • Predicting Wine Quality using Wine Quality Dataset
  • Boston Housing Price Prediction ML Project
  • Sales Forecasting using Walmart Dataset
  • MNIST Handwritten Digit Classification
  • Human Activity Recognition using Smartphone Dataset
  • Fake News Analysis using Machine Learning
  • Gaming Agent AI
  • Road Accident Analysis using Machine Learning
  • Lane Detection
  • Real-Time Food Detection
  • Object Detection with Deep Learning
  • Twitter sentimental Analysis using Machine Learning
  • Music Genre Classification
  • Urban Sound Classification using Convolutional Neural Networks
  • Handwritten Digit Recognition Using scikit-learn
  • Breast Cancer Classification Using Support Vector Machine
  • Prediction of News Sentiment with Naive Bayes
  • Food-Classification-from-Images-Using-Convolutional-Neural-Networks
  • Natural Language Processing_ Count Vectorization with scikit-learn
  • Image Classification with MNIST Dataset